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Blue Fruit is a site to submit and view new releases of IWBTG fangames, a niche subgenre of freeware games. For more information visit the About page.

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New Releases

IWBT ZXC 0.2 - Doger_Man
I wanna maintain - HighPeriod
I Wanna Climb The Needle Tower - 愛罠
Building Worlds - Gemi
I wanna 虫 - skywalker
I wanna release the wolf - SymmetricalGardevoir
I wanna beat the Empirical Jump - infern0man1
I wanna be the second fangame - TrollMan
I Wanna Kill Originality - Joshua_Boring, infern0man1, ミクアイワナ, RedBatNick, BoshyMan741_, IDKMAN, Wolfiexe, DestinationMystery, Mokuteki, Smartkin
I wanna enjoy the JUN-G SPIKE - じゅんG
I wanna enjoy the JUN-G SPIKE -Easy Edition- - じゅんG
I wanna break the five wanna 3 - Purumi
I wanna break the five wanna 3 - Purumi
I wanna Swing-bit Brawl - igor66ru
I wanna crack the watermelon - Chance
Kid World - KingSlendy
I Wanna End My Growth - Erik7654ka
I wanna Grow Up - Zanto, Sephalos
I wanna Cooperation - アイリス,friends
I Wanna Follow The Story - SymmetricalGardevoir
I wanna I - アイリス
I wanna kill the world - マロン
I wanna take turns - bananaguy12, bummerman222, Akab, Not_Even_Amateur, Skulldude
I wanna be the Corrupt Game - bananaguy12
I wanna guruguru - れあとろ
I wanna believe in - れあとろ
I wanna kogda titkami devki tryasut - Гена Букин
I wanna mofumofu - れあとろ
I wanna be the Double Baka - Akab, Gemi
I wanna NewGame S - シロカノ
I wanna Kill the Sacred C3 2 - Patrickgh3
I wanna Asuka - かえる